I suffered with two problems that I was not happy with the “traditional” methods I had been using. After suffering , I followed Dena’s advice for both short term relief and a long term strategy. I am very pleased to recommend you give Dena a try if you suffer from migraine, sinus, or uric acid type issues such as Gout and Kidney Stones. While these two problems are quite different, my results were both very favorable. Dena made the cause, effect and the rationale behind her recommended game plan, so easy to follow and I am enjoying both relief and the comfort of knowing I’m on track to minimize or totally avoid future attacks. Thank You Dena!
— John J.
Dena Joyce is an excellent acupuncturist who has skillfully addressed health issues I have regarding hormonal difficulties and general women’s issues. Dena’s holistic outlook, curiosity, and extensive knowledge of TCM has put me on a path to wellness. I recommend her wholeheartedly.
— J.D.
I’m so grateful to Dena Joyce. She has helped me find relief to my digestive problems, reduce fatigue, and manage imbalances of energy in my body.
My health is not perfect yet. It is a daily struggle to manage menopause, work, family, pain and emotions.

I stated my treatment in July 2014. Each treatment begins with a consultation on how you are feeling or troubling you. Then she designs a treatment. You hardly feel the insertion of the needles, because her touch is very soft. Once the needles are removed, she gives me home care suggestions (like keeping a food diary, self massage techniques for pain, food suggestions, lifestyle changes, etc.). She has prescribed supplemental Chinese herbs to speed my healing and enhance the achievement of energetic balance.

In short, Dena is a true healer. I highly recommend her.
— Dorcas G.


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